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Supercharge your Novation Launchpad Pro with Arsenal_LPP!

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  • Maintains all of the functionality of the stock Launchpad Pro Control Surface script included with Live. Of course, much of this can be changed as you see fit via Arsenal Matrix Modes.

  • Includes all of the core functionality of Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts.

  • Can run up to 14 Arsenal Matrix Modes and ships with the following:

    • Session Mode from the Session Mode Pack.

    • Device Mode from the Device Mode Pack.

    • Volume, Pan and Sends Modes from the Mix Mode Pack.

    • Launchpad Pro Note Mode, which provides access to the controller's internal Note Mode.

    • Launchpad Pro User Mode, which provides access to the controller's internal User Mode.

  • Includes a template for Liine's Lemur software that emulates the Launchpad Pro to allow the features of Arsenal_LPP to be accessed from any tablet running Liine's Lemur software.


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9.6.2 or later
  • Novation Launchpad Pro
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online shop to re-download at any time.


$15.00 USD

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