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nativeKONTROL BaseX for Livid Instruments Base/Base II turns the controller into an extremely powerful control surface for Ableton Live 9.

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Four primary Matrix Modes:

  • Session - Clip and Scene Launching, Selecting, Deleting and Duplicating along with button-based mixing controls (Mute, Solo, etc).

  • Clip - Clip Chopping, Loop control and the ability to play Clips Chromatically.

  • Note – Quite similar to Ableton Push’s Note Mode, but includes Polyphonic Sequencing that can be used on any Track (including those that contain Drum Racks).

  • Global –Provides access to basic global functionality such as Play and Global Quantization control and also includes the ability to trigger user-defined actions via our powerful ClyphX script.

Four Slider Modes

  • Volume and Pan - Control Volume and Panning across 8 Tracks at a time.

  • Sends - Control Sends across 8 Tracks at a time with the ability to toggle forward/backward through Sends to control.

  • Device - Control Device parameters and navigate between Devices.

Other Features

  • All Slider Modes provide proper automation handling (so that you can easily overdub automation without overwriting entire envelopes), the ability to reset parameters to their default value and delete automation recorded for parameters.

  • Buttons used for selecting Modes function as toggle or momentary switches. This allows you to momentarily switch to a Mode and then switch back to the Mode you were in previously. This is especially useful in the case of Global Mode.

  • Makes heavy use of the status bar in Live to keep you well informed of what you’re controlling and what is going on in the set.

  • Includes locking functionality so that Modes that control the selected Track or items on it can be locked to a particular Track.

  • Includes a UserPreferences file that allows you to customize behaviors and functions to suit your particular needs.

  • In addition to the typical user manual, a control reference is also provided as a pdf and a Live Lesson.


NOTE: The manuals below are only intended as a pre-purchase reference. The BaseX installer includes these manuals. Back to Top


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9.1.2 or later
  • Livid Instruments Base or Base II
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.


$15.00 USD

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