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nativeKONTROL LPC-Live is a Preset for the Novation Launchpad Classic/S/Mini that adds a wealth of functionality to an already capable control surface.
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This Preset leaves all of the Launchpad’s default functionality intact and adds 7 additional Modes.

  • Track Mode - Provides control over the parameters of the selected Track (Volume, Pan, Sends x6) via Button Faders, Increase/Decrease and Reset switches.

  • Device Mode - Provides control over the parameters of the selected Device via Button Faders, Increase/Decrease and Reset switches.

  • Clip Mode - Allows you to chop up/rearrange Clips on-the-fly and/or play them Chromatically.

  • Drum Mode - Provides Drum Machine-like functionality via 3 Sub-Modes; Default, 16 Levels and Sequence. Includes Note Mute, Erase and Delete functions as well as the ability to Step-Sequence directly into MIDI Clips in Live

  • Scale Mode - Provide access to 40 Scale Types for any of the 12 Root Notes. Includes a variety of available Scale Types covering Common types as well as Exotic and Ethnic types.

  • Learn Mode - This Mode allows you to learn Chords (up to 6 Notes each) and Notes to the 8 x 8 grid. You can learn the Chords/Notes by either playing them from another controller or by playing them back from a Clip in Live.

  • MonoSeq Mode - This Mode allows you to monophonically Step-Sequence into MIDI Clips in Live. It provides control over the Pitch (quantized to a user-defined scale), Velocity and Length of the steps in the sequence via Button Faders and randomization.

  • Global Controls - This Preset also includes Global Controls (accessible from any Mode) for navigating Live sets, adjusting Global/Record Quantization settings, controlling Transport, adjusting the current Clip’s Transpose/Detune/Loop settings and more.

$32.50 USD


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.4 or later
  • Ableton Live 8 or Live 9
  • Novation Launchpad Classic/S/Mini
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Payments are processed via PayPal. Upon purchase completion, a link to a Windows and OS X installation package will be sent to the address you used for purchasing. You should receive the link relatively quickly, but please allow at least 2 hours for delivery.

MT Player, the runtime for LPC-Live, is provided along with your Preset purchase.


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LPC-Live Overview Part 1

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LPC-Live Update 12/2010

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