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nativeKONTROL Link turns the Novation Launch Control into a very flexible and linkable Control Surface for Ableton Live 9.
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Standalone or Linkable Control Surface:

Link can be used as a standalone Control Surface or can be linked to other Control Surfaces (such as the Launchpad or APC20), which turns Link and the Control Surface it’s linked to into a single, powerful Control Surface for Live.

The functionality that Link provides is the same whether it’s linked to another Control Surface or used on its own.

Eight Easy-to-Access Modes:

  • Mix Mode - Provides control over Volume, Pan, Sends, Mute, Solo, Select and Arm for 8 Tracks at a time.

  • EQ Mode - Provides control over EQ Three or EQ Eight instances for 8 Tracks at a time.

  • Filter Mode - Provides control over the Filter section of Auto Filter, Analog, Operator, Sampler, Simpler or Tension instances for 8 Tracks at a time.

  • User Device Mode - Provides control over user-specified parameters of user-specified Device instances for 8 Tracks at a time.

  • Clip Mode - Provides control over Volume and Pan as well as selected Scene Clip launching for 8 Tracks at a time.

  • Device Mode - Provides control over the selected Device with locking and banking capabilities. Unlike the Device control in other Control Surface, this Mode allows the Knobs to control 16 Device parameters at a time or, in the case of Live Racks, configures the Knobs to match the layout of Rack Macros.

  • Chain Mix Mode - Provides control over the mixer section of the Chains of an Audio Effect Rack, Drum Rack or Instrument Rack on the selected Track. 8 Chains can be controlled at a time with control over Volume, Pan and Mute for each Chain as well as the ability to bank between Chains to control.

  • Returns Mode - Essentially identical to Mix Mode, but provides control over the first 8 Returns.

General Features:

  • Basic transport as well as Undo/Redo functions.

  • Fully compatible with Live’s Takeover functionality, which prevents jumps in value when switching between parameters for the Knobs to control.

  • The status bar in Live displays details of the selected Mode, including information on the assignments of the Knobs, to keep you well informed of what you’re controlling.

  • In addition to the typical User Manual, a Live lesson is also provided as a quick, graphical reference of the functionality on offer.


$9.50 USD


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9.1.2 or later
  • Novation Launch Control (Link is NOT compatible with the Novation Launch Control XL)
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