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Get in touch with nativeKONTROL

Have a pre-sales question?

To learn more about a nativeKONTROL product, please visit the product’s page here on the site. Product pages contain summaries of product features, links to user manuals and information on purchasing. You can find links to all product pages on the Products page.

If your question is not addressed on the product’s page, please have a look at our FAQ and also please visit our Forum.

If none of this answers your question, please contact Support.

Having a problem with your account?

Please see the FAQ on our shop. If that doesn’t answer your question, please contact Support.

Need technical support?

If you’re having trouble installing, setting up or using the nativeKONTROL product you purchased, please first refer to the Troubleshooting section of the user manual and/or install information document supplied with the product as this will address common issues that you may run into. Our FAQ and Forum also provide a wealth of information that you may find helpful.

If none of this addresses the problem you’re having, please send an email to Support. Please include as much detail as possible on the problem and also please include the following in your email:
  • The name and version of our product that you are using. Product versions are listed on the very first page of the product’s user manual.

  • The operating system you’re using.

  • The version of Live you’re using (if applicable).

  • Your Log.txt from Live (if applicable).

  • The name and version of other software you’re using our product with (if applicable).

Need to transfer your license?

If you’d like to transfer your license to a nativeKONTROL product to another person you'll need to have purchased the license directly from our site. If you acquired the license via some other means (for examples, if the license was transferred to you or you received the license while participating in a beta test), the license cannot be transferred. To request a license transfer, please send an email to Support from the email address associated with your account on our shop and include the following in your email:
  • The name of the product for which you’d like to perform the license transfer.

  • The reason you are requesting the license transfer.

  • The email address of the person you’d like to transfer the license to.
You should not send installation files or the like to other parties. Once the transfer is requested and approved, we will handle sending the new licensee any files they need. To complete the transfer, you’ll need to uninstall the product from any systems you’ve installed it on. We’ll instruct you on how to do this once the transfer is approved.

Interested in reviewing one of our products or including it in an article?

We warmly welcome reviews and write ups. Please send an email to Support mentioning the product(s) you’d like to review/cover as well as the publication and/or site you’re affiliated with. We’re more than happy to provide NFRs if needed.

Need custom work or consultation?

At nativeKONTROL, we specialize in MIDI controllers in general and, more specifically, using them to achieve a high-degree of control over software. In terms of software, our primary focus is Ableton Live, but we’re familiar with other software as well.

If you’d like to enlist our programming skills with a custom MIDI controller-based set up and/or would like consultation on a related project you’re working on, please contact Support and we can discuss the details.