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nativeKONTROL MPKRx turns the Akai MPK61 or MPK88 into a powerful Control Surface for Ableton Live 9’s Drum Rack.

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Pad Functions

  • Trigger Mode - Allows you to trigger the 16 visible Pads in the Drum Rack and play other Instruments. This also includes Note Repeat functionality with variable Rate, Swing and Velocity that makes it easy to record dynamic Hihat/Shaker parts and more.

  • Mute/Solo Mode - Provides quick access to the Mute/Solo switches for the 16 visible Pads in the Drum Rack.

  • Select/Record Mode - Select allows you to silently select Pads in the Drum Rack for use with the Knob and Fader functions. Record allows you to choose the length of Clips that will be recorded.

  • Erase/Delete Mode - Allows you to Erase a few Notes or Delete an entire row of Notes from the Clip you’re working on.

Fader Functions

  • Faders 1 - 7 - Provide control over Volume, Pan and Sends A – E of the Mixer of the selected Drum Rack Pad. If no Drum Rack is available on the selected Track, these will instead control the selected Track’s Mixer.

  • Fader 8 - Provides control over the Swing amount to apply to Note Repeat.

Fader Button Functions

  • Provide control over Note Repeat Rate and Record Quantization Value with visual indications of the Rate and Value that you’ve selected.

Knob Functions

  • Provide control over Devices in the Drum Rack or elsewhere in your Set.

Transport Functions

  • Navigation - Allows you to Navigate the Drum Rack (to select the 16 visible Pads to control) and Devices (to select the Device that the Knobs will control).

  • Note Repeat/Device On/Off - Allows you to turn Note Repeat or the selected Device On/Off.

  • Basic Transport - Allows you to Start, Stop or Continue Live’s playback.

  • Overdub/Record - Provides control over Overdub and Record in both Session and Arrangement View.

Other Features

  • Live Lesson - In addition to the User Manual, a Live Lesson is included, which allows you to learn about MPKRx and view the layout of its controls directly in Live’s window.

  • Customization - Allows you to customize parts of the MPK’s MPKRx preset (provided) as well as use other MPK presets simultaneously with either conventional MIDI mapping or our powerful ClyphX script.


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9
  • Akai MPK61 or MPK88
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.


$7.50 USD

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MPDRx/MPKRx Overview

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