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nativeKONTROL MXT-Live for the Native Instruments Maschine MK2 turns the controller into an extremely powerful control surface for Ableton Live.

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Four primary Pad Modes:

  • Session Mode – Provides a 4 Track x 4 Scene launch matrix along with easy select, duplicate and delete functions. Also allows for stopping, selecting, arming, muting, soloing, duplicating and deleting the 4 Tracks being controlled.

  • Clip Play Mode – Allows for Chopping Clips up, easily controlling Clip Loops and Chromatically playing Clips with or without Legato.

  • Note Mode – Provides intelligent Drum Rack mapping, Impulse mapping and access to a variety of Scale Types. Note Repeat and Step-Sequencing are also available as well as a variety of note editing capabilities (muting, erasing, quantizing, etc).

  • Navigation Mode – Allows for sending user-assignable keystrokes/shortcuts as well as the ability to trigger user-defined actions via our powerful ClyphX Pro or ClyphX scripts.

Six primary Encoder Modes:

  • Global Mode - Provides control over global settings such as Arrangement Loop and Locators.

  • Track Mode – Provides control over the Mixer of the selected Track along with the ability to adjust Track Routing/Monitoring/Crossfade settings and also provides an Output Meter.

  • Clip Mode – Provides control over settings (such as Clip Loop Start/End and Transpose) of the selected Clip as well as the ability to edit Note Events in MIDI Clips.

  • Device Mode – Provides control over the selected Device as well as Device navigation.

  • Drum Mode - Provides control over the Mixer of the selected Drum Rack Pad.

  • MIDI Mode – Allows the Encoders to send out common MIDI messages that are useful when working with MIDI instruments.

General Features:

  • Makes heavy use of the controller’s display and LEDs to keep you well informed of what you’re controlling and what is going on in the set.

  • For Modes that control single items (Tracks, Clips and Devices), Locking functions are accessible.

  • Mixer/Device Parameter control via the Encoders allows for Resetting Parameter values as well as properly recording Automation.

  • Includes a UserPreferences file that allows you to customize many of the behaviors and functions of MXT-Live to suit your particular needs.

  • In addition to the typical User Manual, a Control Reference is included in both *.pdf and Live lesson formats.


NOTE: The manuals below are only intended as a pre-purchase reference. The MXT-Live installer includes these manuals. Back to Top


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9.6 or later
  • Native Instruments Maschine MK2 (the full-sized model)
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.


$23.50 USD

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