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nativeKONTROL PXT-General for Ableton Push allows the controller to be used in more meaningful ways with software other than just Ableton Live.

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PXT-General’s feature set makes it possible to use Push in a variety of useful ways:

  • Use Push (without Live) to control and play instruments in virtually any application that can receive MIDI input.

  • Switch between using Push’s functionality in Live and PXT-General functionality in another application.

  • Extend the functionality of Push’s User Mode when using Push exclusively with Live.


PXT-General provides functionality that is very similar to Push’s Note Mode in Live with access to all of the Scale Types you’re used to, In Key and Chromatic options and 4ths and Sequent note layouts.

PXT-General includes some additional features that are useful for playing instruments such as:

  • User Scale Types - Five easy-to-edit Scale Types are accessible in addition to the standard Scale Types.

  • Add Note Options - Allows the Pads to play up to three notes each, which makes playing Chords and Octave Stacks easier.

  • Learn Buttons - The Buttons to the right of the Pads can play Chords or Sequences of up to 16 notes each that can be easily Learned/assigned via playing notes from the Pads.

  • Touch Strip Type Setting - Allows the Touch Strip to be used for Pitch Bend or as a Mod Wheel.

  • Aftertouch Type Setting - Allows you to choose the type of Aftertouch (Channel or Polyphonic) the Pads will send.


PXT-General includes a very powerful and easy-to-use User Assignments Editor that allows you to customize the controller to suit your particular workflow and the application you’re using. Editing features include:

  • Mackie Control Emulation Options - Allows Buttons, Encoders and the Display to be used for emulating the Mackie Control, which allows for powerful and flexible control over any software that supports the Mackie Control protocol. NOTE: PXT-General does not provide HUI emulation.

  • Multi-Mode Option - Allows you to opt to have up to six sets of assignments for the Track Selection/State Buttons, Encoders and the Display.

  • Keyboard Macro Options - Allows you to easily assign multiple sets of keyboard Macros or single keystrokes to the Track Selection/State Buttons as well as choose the names that will be shown in the Display for these assignments.

  • MIDI Message Type/Channel Options - Allows you to choose the type of MIDI messages the Buttons and Encoders send and receive as well as the MIDI channel they should use.

  • LED Control/Color Options - Allows you to choose the way in which Button LEDs will be controlled and the colors (where applicable) they should use.


  • Windows 7 or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Any application capable of receiving MIDI input
  • Ableton Push (PXT-General is NOT compatible with the Ableton Push 2)
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.


$26.50 USD

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