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nativeKONTROL pKComponent Series is a collection of Presets for the Korg padKONTROL that give you access to a variety of functionality.

System Requirements and
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  • Single Component Presets - These Presets each contain one Component.

  • Combination Presets - These Presets combine multiple Components into a single Preset so that they’re all accessible simultaneously directly from the padKONTROL.

  • Preset Packages - These Packages contain multiple Presets.

NOTE:   All of the Single Component Presets, Combination Presets and Preset Packages available on this page also include two FREE presets. These are pKC-DSQ, which turns the padKONTROL into a 4-Track Step Sequencer, and pKC-GUR for working with FXpansion Guru.



This Preset turns the padKONTROL into a powerful Control Surface for Ableton Live.
  • Clip Grid Mode - Provides control over a virtually unlimited number of Clips and Scenes.
  • Chop Mode - Allows you to chop up/rearrange Clips on-the-fly and/or play them Chromatically.
  • Sequence Mode - Allows you to Step-Sequence directly into MIDI Clips.
  • Capture Mode - Allows you to Capture Notes from any MIDI Clip and assign them to the Pads.
  • Track Mode - Provides Select, Mute, Solo and Arm controls for a virtually unlimited number of Tracks along with easy Unmute All, Unsolo All and Unarm All functions.
  • User Mode - Provides basic Keystroke functions as well as User Assignable Pads that can access Live’s Menus.
  • Drum Mode - Provides advanced control over Live’s Drum Rack with 16 Levels function, Last Pad functions and Cycle Sequencing functions.
  • X/Y Assign Mode - Allows you to easily choose Device parameters to control from the X/Y Pad and also includes Randomize and Reset functions.
  • Multi-Function Encoder - Allows you to select a variety of functions (such as Track and Scene Navigation, Track Volume and Pan and much more) to control from the Encoder.
  • Multi-Function X/Y Pad - Allows you to select a variety of functions (such as Crossfader and Device control) to the X/Y Pad.
  • Global Functions - Provides full Transport, View, and Quantization control.
NOTE: This Preset requires Ableton Live 8 or later.

$30.00 USD


This Preset allows you to learn Chords (up to 5 notes each) to the pads by playing them from a 2nd controller.
  • Easily learn Chords to the bottom 8 pads.
  • Play Arpeggios based on your learned Chords from the top 8 pads.
  • Transpose your learned Chords to other octaves and root notes.

$15.00 USD


This Preset functions as an advanced controller for Reason’s ReDrum.
  • 16 Levels Mode spreads a sound across all 16 Pads, each with a different level of Velocity and/or Pitch, Pan, Sends or the Special parameter.
  • Knobs and X/Y control parameters of the Last Pad you played in ReDrum.
  • Dual Cycle Sequencers allow you to record and sequentially playback up to 8 steps from a single Pad.
NOTE: This Preset requires Reason 3 or later.

$15.00 USD


This Preset provides access to 40 Scale Types for any of the 12 Root Notes.
  • Variety of available Scale Types covering Common types as well as Exotic and Ethnic types.
  • Add Note feature for playing Chords or Harmonies.
  • Slide feature for playing Scales from the X/Y Pad.

$15.00 USD


This Preset provides access to the 7 Scale Tone Chords for any of the 12 Root Notes.
  • Inversion Select feature lets you assign different inversions to each Chord.
  • Power Chord feature for fuller Chords.
  • Multi-MIDI channel operation for playing multiple instruments simultaneously.

$15.00 USD


This Preset provides a unique way of playing Scale Tone Chords, by “strumming” them from the X/Y Pad.
  • Allows you to strum Chords up or down as well as play the notes in the Chords individually.
  • Poly or Mono Sustain Modes for different types of playing.
  • Flip switch for changing direction of notes in the Chords.

$15.00 USD

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This Preset combines pKC-SCL, LRN and STR.

$30.00 USD


This Preset combines pKC-SCL, STC and STR.

$30.00 USD


This Preset combines pKC-SCL, STC, LRN and STR.

$37.50 USD

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pKC-Package 1

This Package includes 2 Presets (in addition to pKC-DSQ and pKC-GUR):
  • pKC-Live

$45.00 USD

pKC-Package 2

This Package includes 3 Presets (in addition to pKC-DSQ and pKC-GUR):
  • pKC-Live
  • pKC-RED

$55.50 USD


NOTE: The manuals below are only intended as a pre-purchase reference and do not include supplemental guides and such. All Preset installers include these manuals and any other necessary reference material. Back to Top


  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.4 or later
  • Any application capable of MIDI Input (except where noted)
  • Korg padKONTROL
  • padKONTROL Driver (supplied by Korg)
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Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.

MT Player, the runtime for the pKC Series, is provided along with your Preset purchase.


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Covers pKC-Live.

Covers pKC-RED, SCL, STC and STR.

Covers pKC-LRN and DSQ.

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